Leadership is Teaching

One of the NFL’s greatest coaching legends is former

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The Winners Edge

One of the greatest questions that mankind has dealt with over the years is that of determining what causes success.  There have been many notable authors such as

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Living on Purpose

This last weekend, I attended the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon.  (#WDS2015) One of the (many) things I brought home from the conference was the importance of living the life that you want to live.  I have taken to thinking of this as “Living on …Read More

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Stage 20 – Real Innovation creates Quantum Leap Growth

The twentieth stage of America’s Financial Endgame™ will occur when the cycle of innovation resumes, and the economic productivity of labor and capital assets enters into a phase of explosive growth.  The reason for this is …Read More

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Stage 19 – Stable Money and Prices Keep Economy on Sustainable Path

The nineteenth stage of America’s Financial Endgame™ is where stable money and prices steer the economy toward a sustained growth path.  This is a highly important part of America’s return to prominence in the …Read More

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