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Stage 18 – Cycle of Productive Innovation Resumes

The eighteenth stage of America’s Financial Endgame™ will occur when the nation resumes a cycle of innovation and productive growth resumes.  This will be a critical stage of the recovery toward a sustainable …Read More

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Stage 17 – Money Stabilizes

The seventeenth stage of America’s Financial Endgame™ will occur when money stabilizes around either a commodity backing or fixed growth rules.  This inflection point will represent the place where the tide “turns” …Read More

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Phase 5 – Regress to Sustained Growth

The fifth phase of America’s Financial Endgame™ is a regress toward a sustainable economic growth trajectory.  This is the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” of the continued financial crisis …Read More

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Stage 16 – Economic Crash

The 16th stage of America‘s Financial Endgame™ is the point where all of the financial market volatility, government action, and cuts in

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Stage 15 – Dramatic Reductions in Government Spending

The 15th stage of America‘s Financial Endgame™ will be a precipitous reduction in the amount of spending undertaken by the

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