Something to Learn

The current world is becoming very polarized and divisive.  People tend to think and act as groups.  The subtleties of unique individualism are being concatenated into “black” and “white” or “Republican” and “Democrat.”  The problem with this brand of mass conformity is that people stop looking to learn from people that are not a part of their group.

Ralph Waldo Emerson is known for a famous belief.  Every person possesses some talent that exceeds his own, and that each interaction with another person gave him an opportunity to learn.  I believe that it would be wise for each of us to extend this philosophy to our own lives.  Contemporary culture has created a “cult of success” where people that show their financial affluence are worshiped and followed religiously.

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Optimism – The Power of Seeing a Half Full Glass

There is a famous statement that an optimist will see a glass half that is full, while a pessimist will see a glass that is half empty.  The basis behind these distinctions is that people who practice optimism tend to focus on what is there.Conversely, people who possess a more pessimistic worldview tend to focus on what is missing.

To many people, the color of reality is closer to pessimism than optimism.  After all, life isn’t fair.  The nice guy always seems to finish last.  Vast inequality exists between people and between countries that defy many people’s imagination.  How can somebody possibly be an optimist?  Optimism seems to be the province of a foolish Pollyanna type worldview that fails to comprehend reality.

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Making it Happen

There is a disturbing trend among both people and politicians to find somebody to blame for each problem.  This phenomenon frequently provides a convenient alibi for failure.  Many people blame an opaque persona such as ‘big business’ or ‘the man’ for their problems.  These ghosts create an excuse to avoid doing what is necessary for success.  However, the realization of our goals, dreams, and aspirations will require many of us to ‘step up’ and make our goals happen.

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Small Business, Big Impact

Businessman signWhen most people think of small business, they instantly think of the shops and stores in their local community.  However, there is a much more important segment to consider.  This is the single person home-based small business.  Why is this segment so important?  Anybody can start a home-based business and scale it to generate recurring cash flows.  One of the most compelling mediums for this brand of home-based business is the internet.  By building a web-based small business, it can allow you to leverage technology as an accelerator.  This will help you create a unique product or service for your customers.

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