Here I Go Again

Dear Internet –

We haven’t spoken for a while …

A while back, I used to blog quite regularly.   (Who am I kidding – it was “A long time ago, on a website far far away”)

I found the experience to be cathartic and enjoyed the process of using writing as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings.  However, life got in the way … so I stopped.

The Saga Continues

I said, “I’ll get back to it someday” … So someday turned into someday next week, which turned into someday next year, and so on.  This year, I made a resolution to get my blog back going again and the year is almost over.  So it’s time to keep a promise to myself, get off my proverbial duff and make some stuff happen.

So the bottom line is that “The Doug” is back in the blogosphere.

Whether that is a good thing or not … only time will tell.


Douglas J Utberg (The Doug)

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