The Doug

The Man, The Legend, The Doug

Who is The Doug?

He’s like Chuck Norris … only better.

Renaissance Man

“Without men like The Doug, there would not have been a renaissance”


“The Doug is the Napoleon of awesomeness”


“He’s like nobody else out there … The Doug is in a class by himself”


“The Doug says that politics is the art of pretending that math doesn’t exist”

OK … seriously – What’s the Deal?

As you certainly saw from the URL of this website, my name is Doug.  (“The Doug” is my professional name)

The way that I came to the idea of living a life of Purpose, Passion, and Prosperity does not follow the traditional self-help author template.  So naturally, I would like to share it.  (Or should I say “The Doug would like to share it …”)

Unlike a lot of bloggers & authors, I had no traumatic event that shaped my life and shook me down to the core of my being.  I went to school, joined the Marines, and attended college.  From there, I landed an excellent corporate job in Finance, earned my MBA while still working full-time, and progressed in my career to become a senior manager at the company where I started working out of college.

So what’s the problem?

That’s a really good question – I had achieved almost everything that I was supposed to want.  I was married to a wonderful woman, we had two awesome kids, and both our families lived in the local area.  What’s there to be upset about?

But that’s the thing … I had NOTHING to be upset about, so there was no natural motivation to make the changes necessary to orient my life around my passions, instead of solely focusing on growing my career.

Most people have some big career melt-down, or some personal tragedy, or something else that triggers them to take a HUGE risk that throws their life completely upside down.  If this tornado of problems ends up in success, we hear of a rags to riches story that’s supposed to inspire us to get off our lazy rear-end’s and do something.

But what happens when your life is pretty good?  What if you have a lovely family, a good job, and a lot of things that you are thankful for?  Is this the time to turn your life upside down so that you can chase some half-assed idea?

Short answer … probably not.

What it is the time to do is work your passions into your life incrementally so that you work toward a life of purpose, passion, and prosperity without torching the life and career that you have already built to date.

Will this be a lot of work?

You bet your sweet ass it will be … fulfillment isn’t for weaklings.

Will it be worth all the effort?

If you’ve read this far, you probably know the answer already.

Now go out there and be awesome …

(Actually – Subscribe to my blog first, then go out and be awesome)


The Doug